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Proper Patient Care Of The Elderly 2 - 875 Words

PROPER PATIENT CARE OF THE ELDERLY 2 Introduction: Many people come through the doors of health care facilities for numerous reasons. They come, sometimes scared of the news they are about to receive or with extra baggage like financial issues, personal issues etc. These things problems cannot be separated from the physical problems that plague human beings. Doctors and health care providers must wear numerous hats in order to provide a complete health care. This is a growing issue, that health care providers are not completely treating their patients. Human beings are very complex, so the care that is to be provided to treat them, should also work together to treat all the aspects of human beings. This is an apparent problem, especially in the older generation. Many older Americans are not getting adequate health care, sometimes they are neglected because of the way society views the elderly (Thewlis, 1946, p. 27). Society looks at the elderly in a very negative way, which results in poor health care. These older individuals have c arried with them a life full of baggage and personal problems. Many times they fill health care facilities because as these individuals age, more and more thing go wrong and the cost of treatment starts to take a toll on the elderly patients and their families (Yelon, Luchette, 2014, p. 23). Some times, their psychological pains can also impact their physical pain. Many elderly patients feel lonely, depressed,Show MoreRelatedCase Study : Adult Geriatric Pneumonia1585 Words   |  7 Pagesthe assessment findings for your patient. †¢ The patient was having difficulty breathing, SPO2 89%, and upon collecting a sputum sample we discovered he had thick mucus. Listening to his lungs we hear rumbling associated with breathing which we determined to be mucous he was unable to cough up. The patient definitely had the signs of pneumonia in a geriatric patient. There was no fever, no cough but definite signs of cognitive problems which is typical in an elderly adult who has an infection. WeRead MoreMy Care Plan For Diabetes1726 Words   |  7 PagesThis care plan will be focused on diabetes type 2 in elderly. Diabetes is very debilitating disease that causes other health issue and complication including diabetic ulcer, neuropathy, kidney disease and blindness. In this care plan the focus will be on education on disease process, on complication, screening needed and nutrition for better management of disease process. Ethical and moral accountability are very important to consider in nursing practice. Nurses have a major role to be an advocateRead MoreFall Prevention on Elderly Patients in a Surgical Ward768 Words   |  4 PagesFALL PREVENTION ON ELDERLY PATIENTS IN A SURGICAL WARD There are various reasons why elderly patients in a surgical ward may fall, injuring them even more almost instantly, the issue of patient’s safety and security have been the primary concern of most hospital and clinical institution but elders do fall unpredictably. Elderly patients at the age of 65 falling is a serious problem, medical professionals has realized the needs to develop a plan to purposely prevent such incidents from happeningRead MoreQuantitative Reserch Study1130 Words   |  5 PagesKnowledge Pressure Ulcer Prevention among Nursing Professionals Jeamol Joseph Grand Canyon University NRS-433= Introduction to Nursing Research 24 July, 2011 Quantitative Research Study Nursing research is a process which helps to improve the patient outcomes through a thorough analysis of data collected and making new contributions to the healthcare field. Evidence based nursing is the process by which nurses make clinical decisions using the best available. In quantitative studies researchersRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Skin Tears1079 Words   |  5 Pageson the extremities of the elderly. Not to mention the amount of deaths that occur when skin breakdown doesn’t get treated. The article, â€Å"Preventing in –facility Pressure Ulcers, â€Å" states that, â€Å"60,000 U.S. patients will die from complications related to hospital-acquired Pus†. (Preventing, 2013). When you think about all the different diseases and illness that can kill someone, pressure ulcer don’t normally come to mind. If we have less skin breakdown with the elderly, we can keep our facilitiesRead MoreQuality Of Life Of Homebound Patients Managing Multiple C hronic Conditions1664 Words   |  7 PagesQuality of Life of Homebound Patients Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions Margaret A. Whalen, RN College of Saint Elizabeth Dr. Nancy English Dr. Kathleen Kremins October 7, 2016 â€Æ' Abstract Improving the quality of life for patients across the lifespan is currently an emerging topic of conversation in healthcare. The components that affect a patient’s quality of life include their physical health, their psychosocial and mental well-being and their physical surroundings. With regard to theirRead MoreEssay on The Desire to Die: Suicide and Euthanasia in the Elderly1510 Words   |  7 Pagesvital signs were obtained. Her cardiac rhythm was normal. Her vital signs were as follows: Temperature 97.3#176;F, Pulse 43, respirations 26, blood pressure 100/58 and O2 saturation of 94% on room air. Additionally, Mrs. Jones was vomiting and had 2 loose, incontinent stools. She was pale, cool to touch and diaphoretic. Auscultation of her lungs revealed expiratory wheezes. Her brother reported finding her in her living room on the couch. He reported that she was difficult to rouse, and becomingRead MoreSafety and Communication and Placement for the Older Adult Essay1586 Words   |  7 PagesThe health care of an older adult extends beyond the traditional medical management of illness. It requires evaluation of multiple issues including physical, cognitive, affective, social, financial, environmental, and spiritual components (Ward Reuben, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), nursing case management is a â€Å"health care delivery process whose goals are to provide quality health care, decrease fragmentation and duplication of care, enhance the client’s qualityRead MoreThe Arkansas Aging Initiative Encourages Hospitals For Practice Holistic And Team Approach Care1087 Words   |  5 PagesAging Initiative encourages hospitals to practice holistic and team approach care. Christus S. Michael Health System in Texarkana, T exas houses one of eight satellite centers on aging implemented by the AAI. The AAI offers two types of services: team service and education service. A geriatrician, an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), and a social worker form the teams that follow its patients through various health care settings such as in hospitals, clinics, homes and nursing homes. These teamsRead MoreEssay about Preventing Falls Among Elderly Patients1124 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this project is to prevent falls among elderly patients which is an issue of concern for the nurses in the Unit. A proposed solution is the implementation of bed alarm. As nurses seek to keep patients safer, a critical analysis of the literature on bed alarms is developed to introduce the proposal in the unit. Pre and posttest questionnaires were conducted to evaluate the nursing learning needs. Strong evidence to support the use of bed alarms as an early warning system

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